About BlockItDown

Blockitdown enables content creators to securely copyright their work for FREE on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.

Establish proof of copyright in any work; a song, picture, work of art, lyrics or any digital content (max 4.5Mb) - digitally time stamped and secured on the world most robust blockchain network.

Confirm the percentage ownership of a song written by you or you and your co-writers to avoid any future dispute over "who wrote what".

Make a permanent link between the composition AND a recording of the composition forever on Blockchain. Unlike many copyright services or performing rights societies Blockitdown ensures that the Title, Songwriter Name/s and percentage splits in the composition are linked with a recording of the composition. No other organisation provides that service for FREE!

Recall and verify any work for future reference or to prove copyright and ownership in any dispute.

Blockitdown is built for content creators by content creators.

Backed by #1 writers, producers, creatives and music publishers, Blockitdown is designed to overcome the costly, inefficient, and time-consuming methods of copywriting and protecting your work. With no costly sign-up fees or having to physically register your creative work Blockitdown is free and easy to use.

Blockchain is described as the new Internet and with its clever algorithms and cryptographic hashes it means that your work is secured forever. Because of the massive savings Blockchain provides, it allows us to pass those savings directly to you, the creative, so you can focus on doing what you do best, creating!

It is a service to you and we hope that you will like it and share it with your fellow creatives. We always look for feedback so please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions just drop us a line.

Tim Hegarty,
CEO, Blockitdown.com

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