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BlockItDown is an encrypted Blockchain network that ensures your work, ideas, photographs, designs, agreements in fact anything you create is copyright protected for FREE.

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Who's it for

Whether you are a songwriter, poet, writer, photographer, designer, note taker and you need to copyright, protect, record or verify your work, we have got you covered.

Songwriter / Composer / Lyricist

As a creative artist you need to focus on what you do best…creating and not worrying about who may copy or steal your work. You need to know that your song is copyrighted and protected and any agreements with fellow songwriters over who wrote what is agreed and registered so there are no disputes in the future. By using our service, you will be safe in the knowledge that your work is protected forever using IBM’s Blockchain technology.

Business Leader / Company Secretary

You are having a meeting and you need to take minutes and have a record of that meeting but that will take a member of staff and cost you time and money. Blockitdown’s voice activated recording system identifies the voice of each participant in a meeting and assign’s their verbal contribution in the meeting and sends you a transcript of everything that was discussed.

Photographer / Designer / Artist / Cartoonist

You have created a wonderful picture, photograph or design but are worried that once it is online that it will be used without your permission and without you receiving the correct royalties and credit for your work. By uploading your work to our copyright service, you will be safe in the knowledge that your ownership of that work is now proven, timestamped and watermarked against future copyright infringement.

Writer / Journalist / Comedian / Poet

Words are your trade and yet plagiarism, theft of copyright or people using your work without permission is rife on the internet. How can you put your work online without the fear that someone will take your ideas and concepts and claim them as their own? Only if you prove you created that work first and protect your writing, copyright your lyrics and insure against copyright infringement can you rest assured that your work is safe.


How copyright works?

Copyright exists the moment any creative work is made into a tangible form. Until your ideas are committed to paper or recording or digitally they are not copyright. Music copyright laws are different around the world, but the principles are the same - The copyright of music (not copywrite music) or copyright of lyrics exists when it is recorded in some way. This is the same when you want to copyright a picture or copyright a design but of course the problem is how to copyright music or copyright digital works in the Internet age in a low cost and quick way and that is where Blockitdown comes in.

How much does it cost to copyright music?

There are many ways to copyright music; you can send a CD or memory stick in the post to yourself but that is clumsy and expensive and time consuming and would cost $5 every time you wanted to make a copyright of music. Or you could use a copyrighting service or music copyright lawyer, but they charge large fees too, some as much as $65 to copyright a song. Performance right organisations like PRS and ASCAP also cost money to join but they do not copyright your music as they are collection societies. Blockitdown is FREE copyrighting service so sign up and let us show how to copyright music today.

What if I co own a work?

Simple; if you have co-written a song or a play or lyrics then you can register the work with us and we automatically send an invite to your co-writer to agree the credits (splits) on the work. When your co-writer agrees by accepting the request a smart contract exists between you and the copyright in music is registered automatically, your shares in the song are agreed and a recording of the song is kept to prove your copyright.

Can you spot copyright infringement?

Yes. We put an inaudible watermark on your song or an invisible watermark on your picture and with our webcrawlers we can find any copyright infringement of your work. We can then serve a takedown notice or collect any income on revenue generated by the use of your work. Music copyright law means that if you give us the authority then we can protect your work from any unauthorised use.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many different computers, creating a network, so that any record of agreement cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent records thus creating blocks of records linked like a chain. Blockchain is virtually unhackable (someone would need the computing power of 100 Googles to break it!). Bitcoin is the most well-known use of blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain is another example of the power of this technology that is transforming the Internet.

Blockitdown is proud to use the Hyperledger fabric Blockchain built by IBM and the Linux Foundation.

What is Audio Watermarking?

Watermarking is an inaudible code that we insert into the work to give it extra protection against copyright infringement. Not only does it stop people using your work illegally it also means, if you give us permission, we can report, collect and pay you on any use of the song on Radio, TV and online via streaming or on sites using music like YouTube. Our music royalty collection process is simple and the lowest cost in the industry.

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